Q & A

Lot's of people asked, so its time for me to answer.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but...What do you do? 

What I really want to tell you about what I do is: I carefully listen to you. I hear you. I am safe place where you can come you can say what’s on your mind. You can talk it out. I don’t judge. This work, being a mom and being and a career person is hard. No one teaches you how to do it. I love--absolutely love--driving to a result. If there is something you want then I want to help you get it. I am a supporter. I want you to achieve. I want to be there when you celebrate. I at least want a postcard so you can tell me about it.  That’s why I listen so carefully.

I give life back to people who are overworked. I am your partner to achieve your goals and get stuff done! I listen. I don't judge you. I help you figure stuff out. I am a resource to connect you to people or places or services or apps that can help you take some things off your plate so that you can focus on your family, on your relationships, on your spouse, on your business, on yourself.

Yup, that’s what I do!

The short version of what I do is that I help overwhelmed, overworked, frustrated mompreneurs--professional women--organize your lives and work so you can take care of what matters most to you. I do that by guiding you toward productivity and time management tools, such as blocking out a schedule, and show you there’s a better way to get more done. I show you where you can delegate.

I listen. I help you find time to bring your goals to life. And we celebrate the wins!



How do I know if your programs are right for me?

If you're tired of being tired.  If you're tired of being busy and getting nowhere.  If you're the type of person who wants to achieve a goal, have a plan, some accountability and fun along the way... we should talk.  Let's chat about what your goals are, you might have a few a-ha moments during our short 15 minute consultation.  You get to decide which program is right for you.

My programs are NOT for people who...

  • enjoy staying where they are
  • enjoy complaining about what's not working
  • lack interest in taking their relationships, careers, and families to the next level

How can you help me save time?

Everyone's life is different, so this answer will be different for, well ...everyone. And, I want to give you some ideas.  

  •  helped clients save time by creating rituals, routines, and schedule that work when transitioning from corporate job to entrepreneur.
  • helped clients decide what busy work to let go of so they can do what really matters (to them).
  • helped clients get comfortable delegating and trusting to others to help out

I'd love to know more about the reasons you feel that you need more time.  Let's chat, and find the strategy that best fits you.

How do we make changes that don’t cause drama in my house? 

Great question! We work together to make tiny changes. In fact, I usually recommend to my clients that they don’t tell anyone what’s changes are happening for the first 4-6 weeks.. that they treat the time as sacred space.

This space is freedom to observe all the different things that happen around you.  We don’t want to cause drama for your family. However, we do want your family to be able to relate to you in a way that uplifts everyone. You’ve spent several years teaching them how to come to you all the time for whatever they need. Not just your immediate family, but your extended family, coworkers, business partners. You taught them you are willing to stop to take care of them and do what they need.

Slowly, with tiny tweaks, we are going to reprogram everyone around you to think on their own and act on their own, while letting them know that you are definitely there as a support. You want everyone to succeed and you want to be able support them, and we want to preserve your energy while you do that. 

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What productivity strategies do you find the most helpful?

Wow!  That's a big question.  As a mother of two and being an executive assistant for nearly 10 years, there is a special cocktail that works for me. Eliminating multitasking, writing things down, taking advantage of opportunities to hyper focus and knowing what's on my schedule continue to be the foundation.

Your productivity cocktail will be something we determine through a variety of ways.  Let's talk about what are some things  that have worked for you in the past and discuss possibilities that you may not have thought of, yet.  Keep trying new things, and we'll find your special cocktail too!

I’m too busy to work with you right now, but I need help.

I get it we’re all busy. Busy picking up our groceries and making sure our kids are well-fed. Busy taking them from one activity to another to make sure they are well rounded. Busy taking care of what’s going on in our home so that when our husbands come home we can be available for them. I get it.

You are busy doing all of these things so that everyone else around you can live an easier life. So that your children can focus on playing and being a child. So that your husband can focus on work and what makes him a good father.

But, think about this question: what are you doing to take care of you? If you’re so busy that you’re not willing to take care of yourself, in the long term, that lack of self-care prevents you from effectively loving and supporting those around you.

I want you to be busy! I want you to be busy doing what gives you energy

So, let’s find the time. Let’s figure out what you can let go of. Let’s treat your day like one of those puzzles we used to do when we were kids where all the squares were filled but one empty. And as soon as you put everything in the right order, everything makes sense, and those puzzle pieces that were spread all over the table make a pretty shape—and leave tons of free space.

You're never too busy to take care of what matters.